How to date with minimal effort

Being smart means taking less effort to do things and avoiding complications. With dating, magical things can happen without trying too hard. 

Of course, relationships take effort, but if you feel like you are walking on eggs to please another, perhaps an uncomplicated sexy Miami escort will fit your lifestyle instead. But, the hunt is on for that dream someone to share your bed with.

There are things that you can do when on a date, expending minimal effort:  

Be On Time 

Don’t arrive early, just learn to be on time. No one wants that guilty feeling like they made someone wait or spend an extra hour with someone they just met. It’s kind of weird and may make matters uncomfortable. 

If that person has set aside time for your company in their schedule and agreed upon it, then that’s when they want your presence, not before or after.

Plan Together 

It’s best not to plan too much or overthink. This might seem counterintuitive. After all, if you don’t have a plan for what will happen during your time together, how could it possibly be a good date? 

When you make plans, it can be for where to meet, but things should be allowed to unfold naturally. You may plan to go to a nearby bar after dinner, but that might not be in sync with what the other person wants. Plan together what to do so the other person will not just agree on what you want. 

Keep It Simple

Keep it simple, and don’t try to impress your date with expensive gifts or activities. Keep things short and sweet by not planning to date for over an hour at most unless both parties want more time together. 

Avoid Certain Topics 

It would be best if you never talked about work, money, or anything related to it. If you like to talk about work, then talk about your hobbies and interests instead. If you like to talk about money, then talk about current events instead. 

It would be best to never ask about their children and family. These are all topics that can dominate the conversation and make the person feel interrogated.

Do not discuss exes during the first date. A sure way to scare a date off is by bringing up an ex and pouring out the bad feelings. It might also make them uncomfortable like you are trying to replace them with your exes.

Please do not ask about their exes. These are also not good topics to discuss and can cause unnecessary drama and hurt feelings if you bring them up. Also, avoid asking about their current relationship status or lack thereof and prying into the reasons why. 

If the person wants you to know this information, then they will tell you herself. If they bring up their past, let them discuss it without interruption and ask questions if needed. This will show that you’re interested.

In Conclusion 

Don’t try too hard to impress. You’ll come across as desperate or insincere if you go over the top with your gestures or conversation topics. Don’t think about the future or plan too much, and let things take their course naturally.

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